Scientific research,
natural well-being.

Since 2007 PL Pharma has been treasuring nature for the well-being of the Person.

Combining the herbal tradition with scientific research and development, we create innovative solutions based on natural active ingredients for People’s health.

What we do

PL Pharma collaborates with important research and development centers in the Nutraceutical field, in order to have effective and safe Formulations.

PL Pharma Product is a guarantee of safety, in full compliance with good manufacturing and quality standards.
With this in mind, PL Pharma has decided to develop and produce its products only in certified plants with high quality standards.

The PL Pharma Product, is validated by clinical studies developed in the most important European university centers that verify its effectiveness in preventing the onset of pathological conditions.
After careful and rigorous research, the natural active ingredient is extracted, titrated and standardized.
Only then PL Pharma starts the production process of innovative nutraceutical formulations with high scientific content.

PL Pharma, through the Scientific Information Network present on the national territory offers doctors new tools for the prevention and treatment of their Patients.

Products without side effects available on all Pharmacies and Parapharmacies.

Monitoring and quality

The PL Pharma product is a guarantee of safety, for the prescribing Physician Doctor and for the patient, in full compliance with Good Manufacturing and Quality Standards.

With this in mind, PL Pharma has decided to develop and produce its products only in plants that have obtained certifications

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